Music for Games?

2015-05-02 11:11:39 by Lftronic

Hi there!

I just started making game-like MMO music (with my left arm), so if you guys are making little online games be free to use these next. ---> info in the music descriptions

Fell free to ask!!!

Allo guys!

Si vous faites un jeu sur internet dans le style MMO ou du genre (vue de haut), je vais faire prochainement des mini soundtrack à utiliser gratuitement. Je les fais avec ma main gauche là :P Hésitez pas.


Dungeon style, mystery, fantasy... in developpement 


2015-04-16 07:45:25 by Lftronic

Just broke my right arm, and I had time to fnish a project with my left one.


Remix from Macross Frontier in coming usign Hatsune Miku V3 soft and FlStudio11


2015-02-28 21:58:46 by Lftronic

Follow if you like my music, ignore if not and comment on what should be better!!!


I'm just starting composing electronic music, studying in classic so style may vary...

What dyU think about Vocaloid, if youre a fan, then you'll be pleased!!!

Comment, I need inspiration!!!